Brooke Pender is the founder and face behind fashion blog La Neutre Palette, an articulate curated collection of pure expression, cultivating unique style. Crafting personalised identities, delving into imagination. Brooke is a stylist and creative director who shares her personalised point of view on the cultural observations of the ever evolving fashion industry. 


Derived from her love of creative pursuits linked to her childhood Brooke finds great joy in creating beautiful content for brands through styling efforts, creative direction and photography. She strives to produce sophisticated, striking content which takes an approach that invites her audience into her world. Brooke has captured the imagination of leading commercial clients in producing eye-catching and unique material, some including; Country Road, Bvlgari and Zimmermann. “I love capturing the moment when elite luxury fashion collides with the cutting-edge reality of the world outside.” – Brooke Pender


Brooke’s personal style captures a classic, timeless and feminine look which holds iconic silhouettes of historically popular designs. Reflecting her appreciation for fine fabrics.


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